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Shameless Promotion Giveaway!

Giveaway Time!

In the time honor tradition of randomly giving shit away, it's that time again in Danae Land!
The first three Wolves of Haven books are completed and available in eBook on Amazon and in paperback from the lulu store. The fourth book is nearly in editing (happy dance) and I'll follow up with the last two books to get the series completed. 

Since I'm the Queen of not promoting herself, her work, and all that awesomeness which comes with an indie author, I'm handing it over to the fans, the Corrupted.
Geeks on Ink will giveaway the soon to be released fourth copy of Wolves of Haven: Rite, some shirts and totes, and some bookmarks to a dozen lucky winner (three of each prize is available). 

It's easy to enter, and you can enter multiple times.
Drawing will be held Sept 7th

How to enter:

LIKE - SHARE- TWEET any or ALL of the Danae Ayusso books available on Amazon
(don't piss off those in your feed though by spamming the shit out of them, you know that ain't cool), and remember to use #WolvesofHavenGiveaway with each so we can track them.
Each LIKE - SHARE- TWEET gets you an entry into the drawing. Earn an additional entry by sharing the giveaway information Facebook and all other social media sources (get creative), and make sure you use #WolvesofHavenGiveaway so you get credit.
This is open to anyone and everyone in the world.
You can win more than once, but you can only win one of each item
(sorry, you can't win every shirt, they're all the same)